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Dollars for education are well spent

The information recently received in the mail regarding the school operating referendum renewal did not completely reflect the importance of continuing this funding to the students and the quality of education enjoyed in the Bemidji School District.

Here are some important considerations. Without the passage of this referendum:

1. A total of $3.2 million will be removed from the budget, $2.3 million of local and $880,000 of state aid.

2. 75 full-time jobs will be eliminated.

3. Full-time kindergarten reduced to part-time classes.

4. Loss of funds for transportation including replacement of buses and fuel expenses.

5. Increase of class sizes as the student population increases.

As stated in the mailer: “No one’s taxes will be increased.”

I strongly support the passage of this referendum for the sake of the quality of life in the community and the quality of education for our students. Dollars spent on education are dollars spent to assist youngsters in becoming productive members of our community.