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Dishonesty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes

I was positively appalled that the Pioneer chose to publish the opinion letter by Richard Peterson from Northome. What a horrific display of racism, despite his niceties at the beginning of his letter about "getting along." What is his point?

Here are my observations at Wal-Mart: children of all ages and colors, running unattended in the store, and paging through comic books, playing with toys and trying out lotions. What have their parents taught them? Where are their parents? I see hugely obese white women with no apparent disability riding the free electric carts around while their children push a cart full of junk food. What are their parents teaching them?

Black families looking around at others as if they are in the vast minority at the Bemidji Wal-Mart, because they are. What have we done to fail them and make them feel ill at ease? And the Red Lake borders? Well, let's see ... so many children have been heard to say "I was here first!" Who lived around the lovely Red Lakes first, Mr. Peterson -- your ancestors? Would you have the Red Lake Tribal Council alter the outline of the lakes on their logo to suit your possessiveness?

Come on, Richard, and all others who are willing to take the narrow view that any one group is guiltier of doing a poorer job at the teaching our children than any other. Dishonesty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. So do all the "-isms" The good news is, so do all of the good qualities we can embrace and teach our children: honesty, love, kindness and best of all acceptance and tolerance of each human, made in the Creator's image.

Get responsible for yourself, and stop judging others by the color of their skin. Just stop judging, "lest ye be judged."

Shawn MacGregor