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Disgusted at growing Catholic Church scandal

I cannot tell you how disgusted I was and still am, reading your article recently on the latest Catholic Church scandal. How have we become a society where the church decides what to do with a pedophile? Are we so afraid of the power in the church that we let this happen with no worries of aiding and abetting? You can bet that if this was a normal citizen justice would be done. The message that comes from all this "cause no scandal in the church" is that as long as you wear the robes of priesthood you can do anything and the church will be behind you.

But if you are the innocent child you are not important! When as a society are we going to give the children a voice? Abuse is a lifelong pain and mental trauma. Why are we letting this abuse go on to the most innocent and precious future of the U.S.?

There are pedophiles in every walk of life, but it is also time for us to let every person who comes in contact with our children know that this is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated! We need to build our children a better and happier future. I am so very sorry that these children have already been hurt but it is vital that they know that they are important and loved. Also, that we adults that they look up to for protection, will be there for them.

Maggie Robins