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Disappointed in no story on Firefighters Memorial

Plenty of media coverage for the Twin Cities Marathon, the last Twins game at the Dome, the Vikings-Packers game, but what about Firefighters Memorial Day?

Not even a cut-and-paste press release.

How is Minnesota remembering fallen firefighters? What about the 122 firefighters killed in the line of duty last year, including firefighter Jylka from Pine City? No photos or video of Jylka's very young daughter accepting the flag in his honor.

There are permanent tributes at the Capitol for World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the police officers but how about the firefighters? There used to be a memorial at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport but that was removed to allow expansion. There was a lot of talk right after 9/11 but the memories quickly fade.

D. Drusch

Circle Pines, Minn.