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Disagrees with Collins, time to get off race card

The commentary written by William Collins has one statement in it that I agree with and that being that Obama's inauguration didn't end racism. Obama's inauguration, if anything, increased racism on both sides of the equation. Obama's holier than thou attitude toward everything this country has stood for is causing people to take sides and root against any success he has or ever could achieve.

People need to remember that Obama is half black but he is also half white so instead of governing in favor of a particular class or race of people he should govern for all of the people no matter what their race, creed or religion.

I believe his inauguration has caused the lame stream media to play the race card in even more of their reporting than they did before he was elected. Collins mentions that the arrests between blacks and whites are not proportional for the same crimes. Maybe one of the reasons for blacks having a 7-to-1 arrest ratio for pot possession is maybe they are just more open in their possession and use of the drug.

Collins also talks about the school system and the need to throw more money at them in order to close the achievement gap. I say it's all about getting kids to attend school and pay attention while they are there. People can learn no matter what the color of their skin is so let's get off the race card and tell it like it really is.

George Hill