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Derek Houle has much to offer

Everyone knows this is an election year and everyone knows who is at the top of the ticket. But there are so many running for so many offices that it is easy to lose sight of who is running for the Bemidji City Council. Ironic as it may seem, these are the people whose decisions have much to do with our day-to-day life.

As a resident of Ward 1, I was very, very pleased when my neighbor, Derrick Houle, decided to seek election as Ward I councilman. Derrick has lived in Bemidji for 20 years, most of which have been spent at the end of my block.

The Houles have four children, two of whom have gone through the school system; this has enabled Derrick to learn much about the public schools. He worked at the Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center and now teaches at Oak Hills Christian College. In addition, his home is one block from the Bemidji State University campus. One can say that he is very well versed on educational opportunities in Bemidji. He has also become involved in the Bemidji Soup Kitchen, the Mokahum Indian Center as well as the Bemidji Community Theater. A combination of these various layers of the community have given him a broad and rather different perspective of the community as a whole. The council will benefit from his experience.

And if you like to consider the frosting on the cake, drive by their home and take a long, hard look at how lovely their home and yard always look. This is a man who has much to offer. We are all lucky to have him. Please join me in supporting him.