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Democrats will spend more of people's money

Wow! The Pioneer editorial staff is really mad at Tom Emmer, because he did not participate in a forum of major governor's candidates.

I have in my hand six very positive articles from the Pioneer on DFL candidates, one might get the idea that the Pioneer is biased.

Do we really think that cutting or preserving Local Government Aid is the biggest problem that we have in the state, cities or rural areas. Cutting LGA is the symptom of a much bigger problem, that starts with the head of the DFL Party.

A president who put us in the trillion-dollar deficit tank by spending billions of dollars on a job creating stimulus that was wasted on projects that did not create jobs. This president also passed a health care bill that already sees hikes in insurance premiums to get prepared for the big unavailing in 2014.

This president congratulated Mark Dayton on his win and said, "It would be good to have a Democrat governor who can work with the administration." In other words, help spend more of the people's money. And Mark Dayton will fit right in, by raising taxes on the wealthy, starting with those who earn $130,000 dollars a year.

Then we have Mary Olson and John Persell who are so upset that Gov. Tim Pawlenty did not sign on to the early federal Medicaid enrollment that would cost the taxpayers a mere $188 million, that the state does not have, in order to get $1.4 billion from the federal government, money that they don't have. Sounds like a loose, loose situation to me. Plus the fact that out of 11 states, only one has signed up.

The solution is much more complex then talking about LGA. How about looking at all the pork that our tax dollars are going to. So I would suggest to all of the voters in this county, If you are OK with all the spending vote DFL.

If you are tired of it, give Tom Emmer, John Carlson, Dave Hancock, Dennis Moser your vote this November.

Jutta Goetz