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Declare independence from oppressive government

Today, we begin the long trail back to America! Be brave, be defiant, and be loud! This is America; we owe it to our fathers and mothers, our grandfathers, grandmothers, sons, daughters, grandchildren and ourselves to go out and protest against this illegal takeover of America! Think about it, millions have died to keep us free. Now groups of people who raise legitimate questions about government's actions are targeted by Homeland Security.

We are consistent in asking for responsible elected officials to be fiscally responsible. Just the same way you conduct your personal life; you would not buy a home and expect your grandchildren to make the mortgage payments. We are for a much smaler responsible, moral and ethical government. We believe the government takeover of the banking, insurance, housing and the auto industry will only add trillions of debt and demonstrate complete failure. With government's poor track record of success how could anyone argue that we are anywhere near being on the right path for America?

Local letter writers completely miss the point that the current situation is caused from the previous administration. We feel executive and congressional officials from both parties have to be held accountable. But somehow we are five spins into a game of Twister with convoluted reasoning that making the situation 10 times worse will bring success to America.

Now we have to prepare for cap and trade, federal health (if you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free), Social Security, Government Motors, FOCA and Americorp and this is just the start.

Locally, our state is broke, our county is broke and the city of Bemidji has committed all of us to a bleak future.

We welcome any and all people regardless of party affiliation to get on board with us and challenge our elected officials to get ahead of this economic train wreck. We are all facing huge personal trials and tribulations. We will get our "change" but it will not be pretty. Put down our Kool-Aid, turn off your TV and get ready for a rough ride ahead.

Join us on July 4 and let's once again declare our independence from oppressive government.

Lyle G. Daken