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Dayton tax plan would benefit communities

I am writing to reassure Bill Batchelder that whether or not there is sales tax on clothing in Minnesota, his business will thrive. Bemidji Woolen Mills sells and makes unique high quality products, many of which are made in the USA. Their service is excellent and they do good in our community. I will always be willing to pay a premium for that, and even more so if the tax I pay goes to our schools and other essential services.

Gov. Dayton’s tax plan is not perfect but it does address some of the inequities in the system and ensures funding for public services that benefit us all. It puzzles me when small business owners are opposed to taxes that directly benefit their communities and yet support government policies that amount to welfare for large corporations that operate without accountability. It’s high time we look beyond the politics of Democrat and Republican and make our leaders accountable to our people, our communities and our local businesses.

I am willing to pay more taxes and I am willing to pay a premium to buy local because I value this community and I want it to be healthy and resilient in the future. There are many things we can do better together. Government at its best does just that, but we as citizens have to make it happen.

Diane M. Pittman