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Danger of Gulf oil spill turning into a volcano

What the government is not telling us about the oil leeching into the Gulf of Mexico is that it will eventually become a volcano. The oil coming out of the well is about 60,000 to 80,000 psi. It is not just oil coming out of the well head either. There is sand, rock and gases. This is causing a sand-blasting effect on what little is left of the well pipe.

The hole will continue to get larger and larger. It will spew billions of gallons of oil into the ocean. The subsequent toxins will circle the entire globe in 19 months. The slurry will consume all the oxygen killing most of the life in the oceans.

The hole will continue to get larger until it reaches about 5 miles in diameter. The temperature down there is about 400 degrees. The water will slam down into the hole creating a mega volcano of steam, gases and oil. It will reach about 50 miles inland. There will be countless more tons of debris washed into the ocean. The tsunami will be 20 to 80 feet in height. The walls of the hole will fall back into the hole plugging it.

These facts are being suppressed. We had better pray there is something that can be done. You will not find a scientist in the U.S. who will confirm what you have just read. Everyone has the right to know.

Andrew M. Grage