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CURLING: Pottinger rink ends losing streak, improves to 5-4 at world championships

ST. JOHN, New Brunswick — The Allison Pottinger rink of St. Paul, which includes Bemidji curler Natalie Nicholson, snapped its four-game losing skid with a pair of wins Wednesday.

The Pottinger rink nipped the Czech Republic 7-6 in the 11th end during the morning session and continued their winning streak with a 7-3 win over Latvia.

The victories gave team USA a 5-4 record with two games left to play, helping them stay in the hunt for a Page playoff berth Friday.

The Americans need to win out and hope the proper scenarios fall in place to get them into a tiebreaker game for a shot at the playoff round. USA finishes out the round robin today against Korea (6-3) in the morning and Scotland (2-7) in the afternoon session.

After Wednesday’s draw, Canada and Switzerland shared first place with 8-1 records while Sweden and Russia were tied for second with 7-2. China and Korea are both 6-3, just ahead of the U.S.

The Czechs and Scotland are both 2-7 and out of contention, while Germany, Denmark and Latvia are each 1-8.

In the victory over Czechs the United States used the hammer to score a pair in the first end. Single rocks in the fourth and fifth ends upped the advantage to 4-1 and a deuce in the seventh end increased the cushion to 6-2.

The Czech Republic did not go away easily, however, as it scored one in the eighth, stole two in the ninth and stole another in the 10th to tie the game 6-6 and force the extra end.

Pottinger owned the hammer in the 11th, however, and used it to score the winning point.

In the nightcap, team USA scored in the first end and never trailed, although Latvia tied the score with a single rock in the third.

USA scored three in the fifth end, one in the seventh and two in the eighth to score seven.

National Mixed Championships

The Minnesota rink, which features Bemidji curlers Randy Baird, Hope Baird, Chase Schmidt and Sarah Lehman, remains in the mix for the national Page playoffs as team improved to 5-2 Wednesday after defeating Wisconsin 6-3 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

The Baird rink was in fourth place heading into Wednesday’s late draw. Sharing first with 5-1 records were Illinois, Washington and Wisconsin.

Minnesota had a bye in Wednesday’s late action and will close its round robin portion of the tournament Thursday against Washington and Illinois.

Women’s Curling World Championships

St. John, New Brunswick


Canada 8-1, Switzerland 8-1, Sweden 7-2, Russia 7-2, China 6-3, Korea 6-3, USA 5-4, Scotland 2-7, Czech Republic 2-7, Latvia 1-8, Denmark 1-8, Germany 1-8

Round Robin Results

Tuesday’s Games

Draw 9: Russia 10, Scotland 4; Korea 8, Czech Republic 5; Sweden 7, Denmark 2; Canada 8, Latvia 4

Draw 10: Korea 9, Switzerland 2; Sweden 11, Germany 4; China 9, Latvia 5; Russia 8, USA 5

Draw 11: Czech Republic 8, Denmark 4; Switzerland 8, USA 6; Canada 8, Scotland 3; China 6, Germany 4

Wednesday’s Games

Draw 12: Canada 7, Germany 5; China 9, Denmark 3; USA 7, Czech Republic 6, 11 ends; Switzerland 10, Scotland 5

Draw 13: Sweden 8, Scotland 7; Czech Republic 10, Latvia 2; Russia 7, Denmark 4; Canada 10, Korea 3

Draw 14: Russia 10, China 2; Korea 9, Germany 4; Switzerland 5, Sweden 3; USA 7, Latvia 3

Thursday’s Games

Draw 15: USA vs. Korea; Russia vs. Switzerland; Germany vs. Latvia; Sweden vs. China

Draw 16: Czech Repiblic vs. Switzerland; USA vs. Scotland; China vs. Canada; Denmark vs. Germany

Draw 17: Latvia vs. Denmark; Canada vs. Sweden; Scotland vs. Korea; Czach Republic vs. Russia

USA Mixed Championships Standings Illinois 5-1, Washington 5-1, Wisconsin 5-1, Minnesota 5-2, North Dakota 4-2, Colorado 4-3, New York 3-4, Ohio 1-6, Oregon 1-6, California 0-7

Tuesday’s Games

Draw 7: Colorado 9, Ohio 4; Illinois 12, California 4; Washington 6, North Dakota 4; New York 8, Oregon 5

Draw 8: New York 10, California 7; Minnesota 7, Oregon 2; Wisconsin 8, Colorado 5; North Dakota 8, Ohio 0

Wednesday’s Games

Draw 9: North Dakota 7, Oregon 2; New York 8, Washington 6; Illinois 9, Ohio 5; Minnesota 6, Wisconsin 3

Draw 10: Illinois vs. vs. Washington; California vs. Colorado; Wisconsin vs. North Dakota; New York vs. Ohio

Thursday’s Games

Draw 11: Oregon vs. Ohio; Minnesota vs. Washington; Illinois vs. Wisconsin

Draw 12: Washington vs. Wisconsin; Illinois vs. Minnesota; New York vs. Colorado; California vs. North Dakota