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Curling: Pottinger rink 4-0 at nationals

PHILADELPHIA — The Allison Pottinger rink of Eden Prairie, which includes Natalie Nicholson of Bemidji, is undefeated after four rounds of the National Curling Championships while the Cassie Potter rink of St. Paul is 2-2.

Joining Pottinger at 4-0 is the Nina Spatola rink of Wisconsin.

On Monday Pottinger dumped Gabrielle Coleman 9-5 while Spatola poured on the offense in handing Alex Carlson’s team its first loss of the tournament, 12-4. On Sunday afternoon the Pottinger rink stopped Amy Lou Anderson 10-2. In earlier action the rink toppled Sarah Anderson of Philadelphia 6-4 and nipped Potter 6-4.

Cassie Potter’s team shook off its two-game losing skid with a 9-3 victory over Sarah Anderson, which halted Anderson’s two-game win streak. Curling on the Potter rink are Cassie Potter and Jamie Haskell who are from Bemidji.

In Potter’s opening round the team downed Courtney George 8-6. On Sunday Potter fell 6-5 to Gabrielle Coleman.

In the men’s division the Pete Fenson rink of Bemidji was 2-1 heading into Monday’s late action while the Eric Fenson team, also of Bemidji, was 0-3.

Curling with Pete Fenson are Shawn Rojeski, Joe Polo and Ryan Brunt. Joining Eric Fenson are Bemidji curlers Josh Bahr, Jon Chandler, Mark Haluptzok and Riley Fenson.

Pete Fenson opened with a 7-2 victory over Craig Brown but lost 6-5 to John Shuster in the second round. In Sunday’s late draw Fenson thumped Brady Clark 7-4.

Eric Fenson was in all of his first three games but couldn’t pull out a victory. In the opening draw he lost 6-4 to Alex Leichter and on Sunday he fell 8-7 to Clark and 7-4 to Tyler George.

National Curling Tournament


Women’s Division


Pottinger (St. Paul) 4-0, Spatola (St. Paul) 4-0, Carlson (Wayzata) 3-1, S.Anderson (Philadelphia) 2-2, Potter (St. Paul) 2-2, George (Duluth) 2-2, Coleman (Seattle) 1-3, Maroldo (New York) 1-3, Lindgren (Grand Forks) 1-3, A.Anderson (St. Paul) 0-3


Draw 1: Potter def. George 8-6; Maroldo def. Lindgren 10-8; Carlson def. A.Anderson 8-6; Pottinger def. S.Anderson 6-4; Spatola def. Coleman 12-2

Draw 3: Spatola def. A.Anderson 7-3; Coleman def. George 10-3; S.Anderson def. Lindgren 6-3; Carlson def. Maroldo 9-8; Pottinger def. Potter 6-4

Draw 5: Carlson def. Lindgren 7-6; Pottinger def. A.Anderson 10-2; Spatola def. maroldo 9-2; Coleman def. Potter 6-5; S.Anderson def. George 6-5

Draw 7: George 11, Maroldo 4; Potter 9, S.Anderson 3; Pottinger 9, Coleman 5; Lindgren 11, A.Anderson 10; Spatola 12, Carlson 4

Monday’s Late Draw

S.Anderson vs. Carlson; Pottinger vs. Maroldo; A.Anderson vs. Potter; George vs. Spatola; Lindgren vs. Coleman

Tuesday’s Draws

A. Anderson vs. Coleman; Spatola vs. Potter; George vs. Carlson; Pottinger vs. Lindgren; Maroldo vs. S.Anderson

Lindgren vs. Potter; George vs. A.Anderson; Spatola vs. S.Anderson; Maroldo vs. Good; Carlson vs. Pottinger

Men’s Division


P.Fenson (Bemidji) 2-1, Brown (Wisconsin) 2-1, George (Duluth) 2-1, Leichter (New York) 2-1, McCormick (Duluth) 2-1, Schuster (Duluth) 2-1, Stolt (St. Paul) 2-1, Clark (Washington) 1-2, E.Fenson (Bemidji) 0-3, Pustovar (Duluth) 0-3


Draw 2: Stolt 9, George 6; Shuster 10, Clark 8; P.Fenson 7, Brown 2; Leicther 6, E.Fenson 4; McCormick 8, Pustovar 5

Draw 4: Brown 9, McCormick 2; George 9, Pustovar 7; Clark 8, E.Fenson 7; Shuster 6, P.Fenson 5; Leichter 7, Stolt 5

Draw 6: P.Fenson 7, Clark 4; Brown 7, Leichter 1; McCormick 5, Shuster 3; Stolt 6, Pustovar 4; George 7, E.Fenson 4

Monday’s Late Draw

George vs. Shuster; E.Fenson vs. Stolt; Pustovar vs. Leichter; Brown vs. Clark; McCormick vs. Fenson

Tuesday’s Draws

E.Fenson vs P.Fenson; Leichter vs. Shuster; Brown vs. Stolt; George vs. McCormick; Clark vs. Pustovar

Bron vs. Pustovar; McCormick vs. Stolt; George vs. P.Fenson; Clark vs. Leichter; Shuster vs. E.Fenson

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is the sports editor at the Pioneer.

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