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CURLING: Pottinger, Potter advance to playoffs

PHILADELPHIA — Both the Allison Pottinger rink of St. Paul and the Cassie Potter rink of St. Paul secured playoff berths Wednesday at the USA National women’s curling championships.

Both the Pottinger rink, which includes Bemidji curler Natalie Nicholson, and the Potter rink, which is skipped by Bemidji native Cassie Potter and includes Bemidji resident Jamie Haskell, finished with 7-2 records in the 10-team draw and will face each other in the playoffs starting at 8 p.m. today.

Pottinger defeated Nina Spatola rink of St. Paul 9-8 in extra ends in their Wednesday morning match before falling to the Courtney George rink of Duluth 8-5 in the nightcap.

The Potter rink won both matched Wednesday afternoon, defeating the Caitlin Maroldo rink of Rochester, N.Y, 5-3 before toppling the Alexandra Carlson rink of Wayzata 9-5 in the late match.

The Carlson rink, which also includes Bemidji State graduate Sherri Schummer, finished 6-3 due to beating Gabrielle Coleman rink of Seattle 8-5 in the afternoon draw.

Carlson will take on George for the final playoff spot this afternoon.

On the men’s side, the Pete Fenson rink of Bemidji beat Alex Leichter of Rochester, N.Y., 8-5 and then defeated Paul Pustovar rink of Duluth 7-2 to improve to 5-3 Wednesday.

The Eric Fenson rink of Bemidji lost both its matches Wednesday, falling to Heath McCormick of Duluth 8-2 in six ends before losing to the Craig Brown rink of Madison, Wis., 6-5.

Joining skip Eric Fenson on the team are Bemidji curlers Josh Bahr, Jon Chandler and Mark Haluptzok.

Curling with Pete Fenson are Joe Polo of Bemidji, Shawn Rojeski of Chisholm and Ryan Brunt of Portage, Wis.

The John Shuster rink of Duluth, which includes BSU student Jared Zezel and BSU graduate Jeff Isaacson, stands at 5-3 after defeating Pustovar 7-4 and then beating Peter Stolt of St. Paul 7-2.

McCormick, Brown and Brady Clark rink of Seattle are currently tied for first place at 6-2 after Wednesday morning’s matches while Schuster and Eric Fenson are both 5-3 and are tied for fourth.

National Curling Tournament


Women’s Division


Pottinger (St. Paul) 7-2, Spatola (St. Paul) 7-2, Potter (St. Paul) 7-2, Carlson (Wayzata) 6-3; George (Duluth) 6-3, S.Anderson (Philadelphia) 4-5, Coleman (Seattle) 3-6, Maroldo (New York) 3-6, Lindgren (Grand Forks) 1-8, A.Anderson (St. Paul) 1-8


Tuesday’s Draws

Draw 11: Coleman 9, A.Anderson 4; Potter 6, Spatola 4; George 6, Carlson 5; Pottinger 8, Lindgren 5; Maroldo 9, S.Anderson 8

Draw 13: Potter 9, Lindgren 2; George 9, A.Anderson 3; Spatola 9, S.Anderson 2; Maroldo 4, Coleman 3; Carlson 6, Pottinger 5

Wednesday’s Draws

Draw 15: Pottinger 9, Spatola 8; Carlson 8, Coleman 5; Potter 5, Maroldo 3; S.Anderson 9, A.Anderson 2; George 10, Lindgren 5

Draw 17: S.Anderson 7, Coleman 6; Spatola 8, Lindgren 6; George 8, Pottinger 5; Potter 9, Carlson 5; A.Anderson 5, Maroldo 4

Men’s Division


McCormick (Duluth) 5-2, Brown (Wisconsin) 5-2, Clark (Washington) 5-2, Schuster (Duluth) 4-3, George (Duluth) 4-3, P.Fenson (Bemidji) 4-3, Stolt (St. Paul) 3-4, Leichter (New York) 2-5, E.Fenson (Bemidji) 2-5, Pustovar (Duluth) 1-6


Tuesday’s Draws

Draw 10: E.Fenson 7, P.Fenson 6; Shuster 9, Leichter 1; Brown 10, Stolt 4; McCormick 8, George 4; Clark 6, :Pustovar 4

Draw 12: Brown 8, Pustovar 7; McCormick 8, Stolt 2; George 5, P.Fenson 2; Clark 7, Leichter 6; E.Fenson 12, Shuster 6.

Wednesday’s Draws

Draw 14: Clark 8, Stolt 4; Brown 6, George 2; McCormick 8, E.Fenson 2; Shuster 7, Pustovar 4; P.Fenson 8, Leichter 5

Draw 16: McCormick 8, Leichter 5; P.Fenson 7, Pustovar 2; Shuster 7, Stolt 2; Brown 6, E.Fenson 5; Clark 8, George 6

Thursday’s Draws

Bonfoey vs. E.Fenson; Clark vs. McCormick; Leichter vs. George; Stolt vs. P.Fenson; Brown vs. Shuster.