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CURLING: Fenson rink off to slow start at Beijing World Championship

BEIJING — The Pete Fenson rink lost both its first two games during the 2014 World Men’s Curling Championship in Beijing, China.

Bemidji native Fenson, representing team USA along with teammates Shawn Rojeski, Joe Polo and Ryan Brunt, lost to the Czech Republic 9-7 then fell to Sweden 8-6, falling to 0-2 in the round robin.

“We’re struggling with the ice a hair. It’s really sensitive to releases and the guys are just having trouble getting the rocks in the right spots,” Fenson said in a press release sent by USA Curling. “So we just need to concentrate on throwing the rock good and making some nice shots and then the winning usually takes care of itself.”

In this afternoon’s game against the Czech Republic’s Jiri Snitil, two key three-enders gave the Czechs the upper hand. With the game tied 7-7 in the 10th end, Fenson wrecked on a guard with his final stone of the game and Snitil did not have to throw a game winner.

Against the Swedes, the U.S. lost on the last rock to the Oskar Eriksson rink, 8-6, despite getting a three-point steal to start the game and outshooting their opponent narrowly, 81 percent to 79.

The U.S. has a light competition day today, with just one game on tap in the afternoon against Russia (1-1). The 12 competing teams are playing an 11-game round robin.

The top four teams will advance to Friday’s Page playoffs with the chance to go for the gold. The U.S. men’s program has not won a world championship gold since 1978.

2014 Men’s World Curling Championships

Beijing, China

All Times CDT

Saturday’s Draws

Draw 1 - Russia 8, Switzerland 7; Czech Republic 9, USA 7; Germany 11, China 5; Sweden 8, Scotland 5

Draw 2 - Canada 6, Denmark 3; Germany 9, Russia 5; Sweden 8, USA 6; Norway 9, Japan 5

Draw 3 - China vs. Scotland; Switzerland vs. Czech

Sunday’s Draws

1 a.m.: Draw 4 - Sweden vs. Germany; Japan vs. Canada; Denmark vs. Norway; USA vs. Russia

6 a.m.: Draw 5 - Czech vs. Norway; Denmark vs. Switzerland; Japan vs. Scotland; China vs. Canada

8 p.m.: Draw 6 - USA vs. Japan; Norway vs. Sweden; Canada vs. Russia; Denmark vs. Germany

Monday’s Draws

1 a.m.: Draw 7 - Russia vs. Sweden; Czech vs. China; USA vs. Germany; Switzerland vs. Scotland

6 a.m.: Draw 8 - Norway vs. China; Switzerland vs. Japan; Scotland vs. Denmark; Canada vs. Czech

8 p.m.: Draw 9 - Germany vs. Switzerland; USA vs. Scotland; Czech vs. Sweden; Russia vs. China


Germany 2-0; Sweden 2-0; Canada 1-0; Czech Republic 1-0; Norway 1-0; Russia 1-1; China 0-1; Denmark 0-1; Japan 0-1; Scotland 0-1; Switzerland 0-1; USA 0-2.