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CURLING: Fenson rink falls to 2-5 at World Championships

BEIJING, China — The playoff hopes for the Pete Fenson rink at the 2014 World Men’s Curling Championships took a hit Tuesday as Fenson dropped an 8-6 decision to Scotland and a 7-4 decision to Canada.

Team USA continues to struggle with the rocks and the ice and will take a 2-5 record into its next game against China. That contest began at 1 a.m. today (CDT). At 6 a.m. today the rink was to face faced Denmark and at 8 p.m. today Fenson will tangle with Norway.

Its final round robin game will be 6 a.m. Thursday against Switzerland.

Norway leads the field with a 6-1 record while Canada, Japan and Switzerland are 5-2.

Sharing 4-3 records are Sweden and Germany. China and the Czech Republic are 3-4 while Fenson, Denmark and Scotland are 2-5 and Russia 1-6.

“Everybody’s confidence is lacking right now,” Fenson’s teammate Shawn Rojeski told USA Curling after the loss to Canada. “You can start the game thinking, we’ll make a couple of good shots and have everything figured out and you miss the third one and have no idea why. Weight comes out good, Pete likes the throw but we get a totally different result. We’re just frustrated.

“We’re not used to shrugging our shoulders because we don’t know. It’s been a frustrating week to this point,” Rojeski continued.

2014 Men’s World Curling Championships

Beijing, China

All Times CDT


Norway 6-1, Canada 5-2, Japan 5-2, Switzerland 5-2, Sweden 4-3, Germany 4-3, China 3-4, Czech Republic 3-4, USA 2-5, Denmark 2-5, Scotland 2-5, Russia 1-6

Monday’s Late Games

Germany 7, Switzerland 6; Scotland 8, USA 6; Czech 5, Sweden 3; China 5, Russia 4

Tuesday’s Games

Canada 7, USA 4; Sweden 9, Denmark 4; Russia 8, Japan 7; Germany 7, Norway 6

Czech 6, Scotland 5; Norway 9, Canada 5; Switzerland 7, China 6; Japan 8, Denmark 2

Tuesday’s Late Games

China vs. Denmark; Japan vs. Czech; Norway vs. Scotland; Canada vs. Switzerland

Wednesday’s Games

1 a.m.: Switzerland vs. Sweden; Scotland vs. Russia; Germany vs. Czech; China vs. USA

6 a.m.: Japan vs. Germany; Denmark vs. USA; Sweden vs. Canada; Norway vs. Russia

8 p.m.: USA vs. Norway; Germany vs. Canada; Denmark vs. Russia; Sweden vs. Japan

Thursday’s Games

1 a.m.: Scotland vs. Canada; Norway vs. Switzerland; Japan vs. China; Czech vs. Denmark

6 a.m.: Russia vs. Czech; China vs. Sweden; Switzerland vs. USA; Scotland vs. Germany