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CURLING: Fenson to lead Team USA in World Championships in China

BEIJING, China — Eight-time national champion Pete Fenson of Bemidji will lead Team USA at the 2014 World Men’s Curling Championships this weekend in China.

This will be the eighth appearance at the world championship for Fenson, 46, who led Team USA to its first ever Olympic medal in 2006, a bronze in Turin. He won two bronze medals as vice skip in 1994 and 1993.

Joining Fenson at the World tournament will be fellow Olympic bronze medalists Shawn Rojeski of Chisholm and Joe Polo of Duluth, plus 2011 national champion Ryan Brunt of Portage, Wis.

The team also has added 2014 Olympian Jared Zezel of Hibbing, a BSU student, as the team’s alternate for the championship.

The U.S. will compete in a round robin against Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland.

The first U.S. game will be 3 a.m. Saturday (CDT) against Jiri Snitil’s Czech rink. The field features five teams that competed at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games (China, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Russia).

After the round robin the top four teams will advance to the Page playoffs on April 4. In the Page playoff format, the top two ranked teams face off in the Page 1-2 game with the winner advancing to the final and the loser playing the winner of the game between the teams ranked third and fourth in a single semifinal. The winner of the semifinal becomes the other contender for the gold medal on April 6. The loser of the semifinal plays the loser of the Page 3-4 game for the bronze medal.

2014 Men’s World Curling Championships

Beijing, China

All Times CDT

Saturday, March 29

3 a.m.: Draw 1 - Switzerland vs. Russia; USA vs. Czech; Germany vs. China; Scotland vs. Sweden

8 a.m.: Draw 2 - Denmark vs. Canada; Russia vs. Germany; Sweden vs USA; Norway vs. Japan

10 p.m.: Draw 3 - China vs. Scotland; Switzerland vs. Czech

Sunday, March 30

3 a.m.: Draw 4 - Sweden vs. Germany; Japan vs. Canada; Denmark vs. Norway; USA vs. Russia

8 a.m.: Draw 5 - Czech vs. Norway; Denmark vs. Switzerland; Japan vs. Scotland; China vs. Canada

10 p.m.: Draw 6 - USa vs. Japan; Norway vs. Sweden; Canada vs. Russia; Denmark vs. Germany

Monday, March 31

3 a.m.: Draw 7 - Russia vs. Sweden; Czech vs. China; USA vs. Germany; Switzerland vs. Scotland

8 a.m.: Draw 8 - Norway vs. China; Switzerland vs. Japan; Scotland vs. Denmark; Canada vs. Czech

10 p.m.: Draw 9 - Germany vs. Switzerland; USA vs. Scotland; Czech vs. Sweden; Russia vs. China

Tuesday, April 1

3 a.m.: Draw 10 - Canada vs. USA; Sweden vs. Denmark; Russia vs. Japan; Germany vs. Norway

8 a.m.: Draw 11 - Czech vs. Scotland; Canada vs. Norway; China vs. Switzerland; Japan vs. Denmark

10 p.m.: Draw 12 - China vs. Denmark; Japan vs. Czech; Norway vs. Scotland; Canada vs. Switzerland

Wednesday, April 2

3 a.m.: Draw 13 - Switzerland vs. Sweden; Scotland vs. Russia; Germany vs. Czech; China vs. USA

8 a.m.: Draw 14 - Japan vs. Germany; Denmark vs. USA; Sweden vs. Canada; Norway vs. Russia

10 p.m.: Draw 15 - USA vs. Norway; Germany vs. Canada; Denmark vs. Russia; Sweden vs. Japan

Thursday, April 3

3 a.m.: Draw 16 - Scotland vs. Canada; Norway vs. Switzerland; Japan vs. China; Czech vs. Denmark

8 a.m.: Draw 17 - Russia vs. Czech; China vs. Sweden; Switzerland vs. USA; Scotland vs. Germany

10 p.m.: Tiebreakers

Friday, April 4

3 a.m.: Tiebreakers

8 a.m.: Page playoffs

Saturday, April 5

Midnight: Page playoffs

5 a.m.: Semifinals

11 p.m.: Bronze medal game

Sunday, April 6

4 a.m.: Gold medal game