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Curling: Alex Fenson joins Jake Vukich rink at World Junior Championships

BEMIDJI -- Alex Fenson of Bemidji and his teammates on the Korey Dropkin rink of Massachusetts fell short in their bid to win the National Junior Curling Championship last weekend in Seattle as the team lost to Jake Vukich of Washington in the Page playoff semifinals.

Vukich went on to win the national title and its reward, a trip to Flims, Switzerland Feb. 26-March 5 for the World Championships.

After winning the national title Vukich needed an alternate to complete his team for the World Championship tournament and the skip asked Fenson if he would fill that role. And Fenson agreed.

As an alternate Fenson will be available to fill in if Vukich needs to change his lineup because of an injury or illness.

Fenson was the lead on the Dropkin rink at the national tournament but he also held the broom and completed the skip’s duties when Dropkin was the shooter.

A year ago Fenson and his Dropkin teammates, which included Bemidji curler Mark Fenner, won the national championship and played in the World Championships at Sochi, Russia where the rink went 4-5 and finished seventh.