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Crude-oil byproducts are everywhere

Regarding Chris Asendorf's letter to the editor (April 10), I would make the following observations:

The BioIsoprene mentioned in his letter is still a Hydrocarbon, albeit man made, rather than created in the earth by he who created all things. The tire, now being tested by Goodyear, is still not in production and it may be some time before it is.

The Telsa Motor Co. is having some difficulty in getting their first car to market. There are some design problems that they are working on and it's expensive. It appears it will be a great car, when all the bugs are worked out. But it will still need to be charged with electricity that is most often generated by natural gas, coal or atomic energy.

All the other sources of electrical generation -- solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, wind power -- are not sufficient to supply our great USA, with the energy needed to keep us competitive in the world.

Now let's take a closer look at all battery powered cars. All batteries sooner or later die and must be replaced and recycled, not an inexpensive proposition. If you want to take a trip of anything over 200 to 300 miles, you'd better have plenty of time to spare, to recharge the battery and hope you can find a place to charge it, on the road.

Not all current hydrocarbon lubricants have a synthetic replacement and those that do still need crude oil by-products to package, transport, store and sell. If you think that synthetic oil for automobiles is less expensive than hydrocarbon based oils, check out Mobil 1 and see the price compared to a top motor oil like Chevron DELO or Chevron Supreme. Even our trusty old lubricating friend, WD-40, is made with a hydrocarbon base.

Now as to Mr. Asendorf's lifestyle, whatever it might be, I can't help but wonder how he heats his home. Is it with natural gas, electricity or propane? What kind of clothes does he wear? If they come from cotton, or any of the synthetic materials, they all come from and by the use of crude oil. And how does he travel? I hope it's by foot, barefoot that is, as all shoes come from, in one form or another, by the use of crude oil by-products. If he's going to talk the talk, he should walk the walk.

Robert J. Stanton