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Cross served?Wadena well in tornado aftermath

First of all I want to thank the residents of Beltrami County for the support you and your public servants showed our citizens and town after the June 17 EF4 tornado that devastated the community of Wadena. Thanks to your help, our community is recovering quickly. One of your own went so above and beyond that it is with great pride and gratitude that I send this letter to document the great character and skill that he exhibited during that very difficult time.

Wadena County Chief Deputy Bill Cross is the fine individual who I am writing about.

Bill was on patrol in the rotation of the tornado northeast of Wadena. He had significant debris rotating around in front of him, still he continued into the city. He made his way through the devastation in northwest Wadena. Chief Deputy Cross continued into southwest Wadena, the area of heaviest impact, to where he could continue no further with a vehicle. He jumped on a fire truck and worked to help people out of debris and their homes.

Chief Deputy Cross and I both made our way to the Emergency Operations Center within the first hour. He spent the next several days coordinating efforts to bring relief to citizens, organizing the EOC and setting things up to a working state. He spent a great deal of time coordinating all aspects of the tornado's devastation.

I have been mayor for 12 years and a City Council member five years prior and can honestly say that this is the most extreme situation that I have ever found myself in. My experience working with Bill proved to be one of most rewarding times of my life in a situation that very well could have been my worst. His experience and constant control of every situation proved to me that he is the person for the job in an emergency!

This tornado disaster took an extreme amount of cooperation with counties, cities, citizens, and volunteers. I have the highest appreciation for the work of Chief Deputy Bill Cross. His actions were done tirelessly and with the highest skill. If Bill is elected sheriff of Beltrami County it will be our great loss, but Beltrami County residents will be very fortunate to have one of their own in a very important position.

Bill Cross will not disappoint you.

Wayne Wolden


City of Wadena