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Cravaack works for all constituents

Congressman Cravaack has been working hard for the 8th District. Although our district is over 30,000 sqare miles (larger than 11 states) he has traveled tirelessly all over the 8th, meeting with and truly listening to the people.

He has held over 20 town hall meetings in just 18 months (can anyone remember our former congressman or either of our senators holding a town hall?) He has also reached out to constituents through over 15 tele-town halls and having his staff travel through the district to host over 200 mobile offices thoughout the district.

Our congressman has been a great steward of the taxpayers' money; after his first year in office he returned over $90,000 to the U.S. treasury that was unspent from his budget allowance because he treats the budget money as he would his own personal budget, with careful thought. Imagine if the rest of the congressman and senators were thoughtful with their budgets and didn't try to spend every dollar. It would certainly be a first step toward a fiscally sound country rather than one at the edge of a cliff of bankruptcy.

He has worked hard to cut wasteful government spending of our taxpayer dollars and has led by example. Congressman Cravaack has worked hard for all of his constituents and has worked hard to make the 8th District a thriving district again for all of its residents.

Sheila Lund

Deer River