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County needs to make investments, not cut back

When I see parts of articles that seem incredulous, sometimes the people lacking credulity were misquoted. However when it happens twice with two different commissioners, I assume that the comments were reported accurately:

"Expect help from us but we're going to expect something back too," Perhaps the role modeling and teaching of ethics and responsible behavior that is necessary to participate in 4-H isn't giving "something back." But staying busy doing constructive effort may keep someone from needing the sheriff's services. Knowing the value of setting goals and working to achieve them might keep someone off our welfare rolls.

Being able to present evidence of their effort through verbal and written means might create leaders in our schools and in our community. But it is unclear exactly what our County Board wants "back." With all of the volunteer hours involved in 4-H and the struggle to keep the absolutely minimal staff salaried to guide the kids and the volunteers, the county is greatly in debt to the 4-H program and owes it a great deal more in order to balance the scale.

We as a community are getting back much more than we are paying out. Hopefully our County Board has come to realize that, after the presentations. To state that "everywhere must cut back" is a copout that saves decision makers from making the hardest decision, which is where to commit more dollars when there are fewer overall to distribute.

Our board is made up of fine public servants and surely they will deal fairly with 4-H before the fair.

Charles G. Parson