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Cooperative thanks workers for response

I am writing a short letter for the Beltrami Electric Board of Directors to say thank you to all the hard-working employees of Beltrami Electric.

After the July storms, everyone who was on vacation came back in to work. Also, two retirees, Wayne Peterson and Paul Cronemiller, came in showing their concern for all the members of Beltrami Electric. And thank you for the support of the employees of other cooperatives, Clearwater, Polk, Itasca Mantrap, Roseau, Todd Wadena and Wild Rice.

Approximately 6,000 members were without service. There were 60 linemen in the field for the two storms repairing lines, replacing 80 poles. Our office staff were very busy taking calls and informing the line crews the locations of outages. They also took meals to our line crews at their locations.

Again, thank you for your hard work and long hours.

Frank Zentek

Vice President, Beltrami Electric Board of Directors

Cass Lake