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Continue school support with ‘yes’ vote

As Election Day approaches, voters are considering many controversial measures and tight political races. One question should be an easy “yes” for residents living in the Bemidji School District: the renewal of the operating levy. Here’s what makes this measure worthy of your “yes” vote:

Voting “yes” on the operating levy will not raise your taxes. This is a renewal of an existing levy that has helped our school district keep the budget balanced while maintaining excellent programs.

Bemidji schools operate efficiently. Bemidji’s levy is less than half of the average per-pupil operating levy in the state.

A “yes” vote by our community directly results in more state funding coming to Bemidji. We lose $881,000 in state funding if the levy is not renewed.

Maintaining high quality schools is essential for recruiting professionals to serve in fields such as health care in Bemidji.

Ninety percent of school districts in Minnesota have an operating levy. Districts without a levy are making drastic cuts that directly impact students.

Having an operating levy is essential in times when the Legislature has “balanced” the state budget by delaying payments to schools with no plan as to when (or if) those delayed funds will be paid out.

As a parent, I’ve seen how children benefit from reasonable class sizes and outstanding programs in our schools. I’m proud of our community for its past support of this modest levy. Let’s continue that support with a “yes” vote.