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Child, father die after kayak overturns on Hart Lake in Hubbard County

Continental Congress: Restore power to people

Have you asked your representative or senator to stop giving away your tax dollars to illegal aliens from Social Security, educational and health care funds, and they ignored you; you asked them to balance the budget and they ignored you; you asked them to lower taxes and they ignored you; you asked them to stop legislating gun control laws and they ignored you; you asked them to live by the same laws that they enact for you and they ignored you.

With bailouts, foreclosures, social decay, family destruction and endless wars, most people don't know but virtually every problem that America suffers, is the direct result of violations of the Constitution by our (servant) government.

There is hope. This Nov. 3, publicly elected citizen-delegates representing the people of each state will convene at a national assembly known as "Continental Congress 2009." The purpose of this historic event is to document the violations of the Constitution and the ignoring of the petitions to the servant government and to develop strategies the people can employto peacefully resist tyranny and restore Constitutional order. Learn more about this historic event on the net.

Lyle Daken