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Congress should just fix little things that are wrong

Health care reform, cap and trade for carbon, legislative/judicial expansion of Clean Water Act, legislative/judicial expansion of Clean Air Ac t, expand EPA, revise/expand FDA. These are the lead issues upon which our federal government is now working. These are long, complex pieces of legislation which many of our elected officials have admitted they will not read before they vote on them. They were elected to represent us; to act in our behalf for the betterment of the country as a whole. They were not elected to subject us to more regulations, more taxes and less liberty to fix problems which afflict two to five percent of the population.

If there is a fly in the house, it would not be appropriate to use a 20-gauge shotgun to try to kill it. If there is a mouse in the house, burning down the house would be a bit extreme.

If government would deal with uninsured, handicapped, displaced or other disadvantaged people in a humane and constructive manner by giving them a hand up rather than continuing with handouts, they could be helped toward constructive lives. But rather than deal with the few which require help we are told we all need help. Our government is going to take care of us by providing health care, the right kind of car to drive, the right kind of light bulb to use, what you can plant in your fields, if your business is too big to fail and the list could go on and on.

I was a Kennedy Democrat before I was a Reagan Republican but now I am disgusted with both national parties. When a congressman votes for a bill that he gets a little crumb of what he wants, but dislikes most of the bill, that is not integrity. Trying to fundamentally change the country, because a few in political power wish to help a few with needs not being adequately addressed, is like the shotgun and the fly. The unanticipated collateral damage could be extensive as has been proven by many well meaning government programs.

We must tell our government officials that we like a lot about our great country. Just fix the little things that are wrong, do not screw the whole thing up.

Gath Larson