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Congrats Beavers, but it still won't fill event center

Congratulations to the Beavers men's hockey team for doing so well this year. They can and should take great pride in such a strong showing.

However, everyone paying attention should be pretty concerned about the attendance at the game when BSU's entry to the NCAA finals was on the line.

For that important and exciting game, approximately 500 seats at the John Glas Fieldhouse remained unsold and empty (capacity 2399). Five hundred empty seats for a championship game within walking distance of campus with great weather and cheap tickets at $14. As someone said to me after attending the game, "No doubt if we had a larger arena and more expensive seats, we could fill the place up." Just for comparison, attendance at the U of M game was 9,900 and it was 11,000 at the UND game. Denver pulled in about 4,400.

The Bemidji event center is planned for a game seating capacity of 4,000. Based upon this recent game, I think it a good estimate that about one-half or more of those seats will be empty most of the time and this should worry the planners and promoters of the BREC. It should really worry taxpayers who will make up the shortfall.

William Smith