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Community ignores issue of providing for its needy

"Give us your tired, your poor, your hungry and your weak." However, if you are in Beltrami County, they would rather sweep the whole problem under the rug than to do something to solve it.

Just say no to renewing the methadone clinic but let's secure a painting contract for that not-yet-built convention center. Just say no to the expansion of the Peoples Church. Like they say railroad yards are always safer than old buildings.

What is wrong with this community? Why does it value one group of people over another? As human beings we're all equal. We all deserve the same things: food to eat, housing and most of all respect. If you think the homeless want to be homeless, you have another thing coming. Who are we as a community to dictate how poor and homeless people must live, look, behave and exist? Everyone will fit the perfect mold. Why do adults need 24-hour supervision when they eat, sleep and do what everyone else does to live? They are not vulnerable adults. One can have guests without 24-hour supervision in their home.

Lighten up on these stupid rules and regulations. It is this uncaring crap that has made many people in this country homeless. Not everyone thinks alike. In this disposable world we throw papers, lighters and now our own people away. We punish all who are different than the "norm," force them out of the job market, housing market and now life!

Brian Bauer