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Commissioners thanked for standing up to DNR

All Beltrami County taxpaying residents should be congratulating their elected commissioners for the stand they took against the most recent DNR land grab. The fact listed in the article indicates that the state of Minnesota has over half a million Beltrami County acres locked away from private taxable ownership. This loss of tax dollars puts our current budgetary challenges into perspective. Instead of crying about the loss of state-provided local government aid or state-controlled compensation for the lost tax revenue, Beltrami county should shed this upside down entitlement approach. Although a no-net-gain policy is a step in the right direction, we should even go a step further and begin discussing a policy that will institute a strategic reduction in the amount of state-held acreage and thus an increase to our tax base. Good government and good land management begins with the citizen, the township, and the county, not the state.

Matt Berge