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Columnist way off on education issues

Michael Reagan, the writer of the commentary (July 6), has "seen the future" and according to him, it "is going to be dumber."

Using his usual, predictable drivel, he gives his slanted view of a student’s poor academic performance, as well as millions of kids like her throughout the country, is the fault of our government’s monopoly to educate U.S. kids. He cites an example of a young girl testifying in court who was not able to adequately express herself as the fault of public education.

In another example he cites a young southern California businessman he met on a golf course, and whose lack of knowledge of historical events made him an "innocent victim of our lousy public schools."

His gross over-generalizations are absolute nonsense. He was born with a "silver spoon in his mouth"; he is certainly not an expert on matters of public education. His overall assessment is what is "dumb."

The "educational system" (public school) does attempt to create new strategies and proposals to improve student learning. Nowhere in any of the proposals is the word "parent" used as part of the component, and what the parent’s responsibility will be to promote student learning and success, or how the parent will be responsible for the child’s behavior and conduct in school. Parent support and involvement in their child’s education is the biggest variable in the equation in the outcome of a student’s academic success.

True, there are students who do not perform well in school, and statistically children from wealthier families do better in school. Mr. Reagan mentions if he still had young children he’d have them anywhere other than the public school, i.e. private school or tutored at home. He certainly must have the means to do so as he can afford to play on southern California golf courses.

Scott Lee

Tucson, Ariz. (Public school employee)