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Collins can win District 2B in November

The new "silent majority" appears to be the masses of people who are fed up with the extremes of both major political parties. As a result of the polarization and stubbornness, nothing much is getting done in St. Paul and Washington D.C.

Whatever happened to the old political axiom that "politics is practicing the art of the possible?" We need representatives who can rise above the stalemate and make things happen. We can start with sending such a person to St. Paul, and that person is David Collins.

David understands jobs are key to a prosperous area and as such he leads our region in economic development and is responsible for new industry coming into our area.

He is the co-founder an active participant in a SCORE branch in Park Rapids that provides free consulting for start-ups and small businesses.

David was instrumental in expanding Minnesota State College services in local communities in our area and continues to support the Small Business Development Centers, which provide management assistance to current and prospective small business owners. He is an active volunteer and fundraiser in a number of worthwhile community organizations.

As a person, David is calm, rational and effective in all that he does. He is a leader who makes things happen. Please vote in the primary election on Aug. 14 for the Republican candidate to be on the ballot for state representative in District 2B for the Nov. 6 general election.

David is a candidate who can win in November. We deserve a representative in St. Paul who gets results, and that person is David Collins.

Lou Schultz

Park Rapids