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Climate change commentary full of distortions

The commentary that was published on Nov. 15, “The climate is changing (it’s fall)” in the Pioneer is full of distortions and inaccuracies to say the least. Susan Stamper Brown cites such cringe-worthy sources like the Heartland Institute, which has been a puppet of the fossil fuel industry for years and they have no credibility with any trustworthy science.

One of the biggest problems with U.S. moving forward on climate action are the imbecilic comments made by people like Brown that only confuse and distort the truth for the general public. It appears that the so-called “sources” that she used do not have any credence in the scientific community. It is easy to state that nothing is happening to the climate or will happen if one ignores simple math and data.

I understand that the Pioneer is trying to sell papers, but to put such a distasteful writer as Susan Brown in your paper is disappointing. One only has to go onto her website to see what kind of small-minded person she is. The first thing that you see is a Photoshopped pictures of President Obama, former President Bill Clinton and Hillary in confederate uniforms. To put such drivel in your paper does not to do well for your credibility as journalists. One must put to rest that there are two sides to the climate debate. There is only science that shows the facts. The distortions of the fossil fuel industry and their puppets like Susan Brown only delay must needed action.

The fossil fuel distortion machine is using the same tactics the tobacco industry used to buy doctors who claimed that smoking had no negative health effects. As we move on in time, we will either see how we, as a collective, decided to mitigate the climate problems we faced or did nothing and cooked our planet and our children’s future.

Allowing such deplorable “articles” in your commentary only lowers any credibility that you once had. Why not, instead, acquire articles about carbon dioxide levels, which have just surpassed 400 ppm and have been above 280 ppm in the last 800,000 years. This kind of commentary would have greatly informed your reads to the dangers we (humans) are causing to our climate. Nearly all climate scientists, 97 percent of them, agree the world is warming due to human activity with a 95 percent certainty.

Jamin Carlson