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Climate change bill adds unnecessary taxes, costs

Do any of our elected officials truly represent us? Our local state Rep. John Persell has lent his support to the pending U.S. Senate climate change (cap and trade) bill, which will be very similar to one that was rushed through the House thanks to the likes of Collin Peterson and Jim Oberstar.

This is a bill that will substantially raise the amount we pay for energy by adding unnecessary taxes and costs to the production and consumption of all forms of energy. How does that help us? We live in a rural, sometimes cold area, and we have to drive to work and heat our homes. We are struggling through a bad economy.  Many are struggling just to get by.

If this is such a great bill, why did Peterson and Oberstar exclude their pet special interest groups (agriculture and mining, respectively) from the burdens it will produce?

But wait! The Senate bill aims to create 1.7 million new green jobs. That's a lot of door-to-door windmill salespeople. It will sure be better than the jobs they used to have in industry. Of course their former newly unemployed coworkers may not be able to buy them.

Chris Allen