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Clean-Up Day does heart good

There is no single event that works to re-establish my faith in people as quickly and as effectively as the annual Senior Community Clean-Up Day organized by a group of nonprofits in the Bemidji area.

Nearly 300 volunteers gathered at the Bemidji Boys & Girls Club on Oct. 27 to help Bemidji seniors and people living with disabilities prepare their yards for the coming of winter. Among them, two volunteers who learned of Senior Community Clean-Up day while doing community service with the Sentence to Serve program last year. This year they came on their own; understanding what it means to be part of a community and knowing how good it feels to give back.

This year Senior Community Clean-Up day began early, earlier than most of us want to wake up on a Saturday. It was cold and the work was hard. Yet youth and adults alike gathered, talked, laughed and enjoyed working together for the good of the community. Students, families, individuals, businesses, clubs, church groups and people of every political party in Bemidji turned out to help 78 households because they could … and they cared.

Thank you for restoring my faith in people. Thank you for making Bemidji a truly wonderful place to live.

Ruth Sherman