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City should reconsider community development post

I believe the City Council should review its decision-making process. To remove the community development director at this pinnacle time would be an economic drunken stupor.

The event center is under way and without the director's position, who will begin the era of "bring back" to Bemidji. I believe in Ms. Rita Albrecht and her ability to not only do the job but also bring a sober thought to an already intoxicated city government.

The Chamber of Commerce has the right idea and fully understands the needs for the direction of this community. Our city government is the good ole boy system and weak mayor, or should we say broke back mayor system.

It appears that the budget may not only be an issue, but may be a way to get rid of a person who does not say "yes" to everything. Let this not be the reason because with the right people, people in touch with the community and city as a whole, Bemidji will become more than a regional hub for the region.

Michael Boucher