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City should re-examine plans for downtown parking

I am writing to say that I agree with the column that Lloyd Lind had in the July 16 Pioneer. The revised plan of the parking lot downtown with 16 fewer parking spaces makes no sense.

It seems only a few years ago, that the city was looking into the need and plans for a two-level parking lot near City Hall. After much discussion of this plan, it was dropped since the added spaces were not needed in that area. Now the master planners for downtown want to remodel and upgrade the parking lot No. 3 on Third Street and eliminate parking spaces.

In Mr. Lind's column, he points out this plan would reduce the parking spaces used by the surrounding 24 businesses. When the plan was submitted, the voice of the affected businesses should have been listened to. With this lot located close to Paul and Babe and the visitor center, it receives lots of use. Over the years the condition has deteriorated and needs an upgrade but why with the loss of 16 parking spaces?

It seems like the city engineer and City Council are using a plan that will negatively affect parking for the downtown. Mr. Lind had a plan that had an upgrade of the parking lot and with a loss of less parking places. Why not re-examine plans and try to retain parking instead of reducing spaces?

Pat Knoer