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City should acquire old high school site

The BSU Foundation is to be commended for its efforts to integrate the 10 acres of land at the old Bemidji High School

site into the future of Bemidji State University. Evidently the university is entirely devoid of vision or its efforts to bond the development of the land would have succeeded. Its failure to acquire and hold the property for future needs is equally astonishing. Ten, 20 or 50 years from now they will need that 10 acres and will have to buy it at a premium.

Currently the city would be well advised to buy the property for a park to help alleviate the pressure on Library Park. Indeed it could even move the old Carnegie building to the site. Bemidji is growing (some argue unfortunately) and to let a well-situated 10 acres end up under asphalt would be, indeed, short sighted.

Thomas Evans