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City most discriminatory views on renting citizens

I would really love to see the city of Bemidji just put a sign out on Highway 2 stating "Renters Not Allowed." This city has the most discriminating views on renters I've ever seen in many states.

Not only does the City Council want to totally disregard a major economic recession by dictating what a homeowner can do with their own properties, but once again state that renters are the problem for what one BSU professor calls a slum.

What about the homeowners who do nothing to clean up their yards let alone mow it? Because they own the property they can leave disabled cars and equipment scattered about. I would love to see the results of an actual survey of unkempt yards as compared to being a homeowner to that of a rental unit.

Did Councilor Downs actually conduct such a survey as to be able to state that the rentals are the problem or maybe a more serious problem of having the cash for a million-dollar landscaping as he would like.

Councilor Negard states that the renters have a lack of pride in their homes, well I challenge you to come by 2507 Bemidji Ave. N, where my wife and I have just finished painting the exterior of our house along with cleaning up a back yard where the homeowners around have felt is a dump ground for all their yard clippings.

Please Google before and after pictures, I'm pretty sure you'll see the difference. Our property is owned by Bremmer Properties, some of the most decent people we've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only do they take care of their property, they have never made us to feel like a renter or lowlife unlike the city of Bemidji.

Roger Newman