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City Council thanked for restoring Gaea to street

I would just like to say how grateful I am that the Bemidji City Council made the right decision and returned the statue Gaea to her rightful place. This particular artwork ... for me ... represents healing, strength and beauty. And now when I look at her ... she also represents the true awesomeness of the Bemidji Arts Community, which came together in force to see that our rights of creative expression will be honored ... not only in this instance but in future situations as well.

I also wanted to thank Mr. Dave Larson for his brave words in spite of the fact that he was the only person at the meeting who was opposed to the art work being displayed. It took courage to be one of the only people at the council meeting with a dissenting opinion, yet I think he handled it with grace and propriety.

Even though I was of a different opinion, I respected what he had to say and was glad that he had the opportunity to voice his concerns as well. Our community won a victory ... and it is my hope that from now on we'll be known as a true haven for all artists who have the courage to create and share their visions...whatever those visions may be!

Kathryn Lavelle