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City Council is micro-managing without all the facts

Your recent coverage of the Bemidji City Council's move to eliminate the community development director's position has left me with more questions than answers. I found it bizarre that "out of the blue" this particular position, which is a very important one, was brought up, voted on and eliminated with apparently no prior notice to anyone.

I understand the council's desire to minimize the impact of increased taxes but shouldn't they have requested that the city manager conduct a review of all positions, prioritize them and recommend council action based on performance and program evaluation? Did they review performance evaluations and can they share that information with the public? It appears that the council is micro-managing and doing so without all the facts.

It would be interesting to know how this position compares with other positions regarding salary, benefits and other normal costs associated with city positions. I think that this issue needs a lot more "Light of Day" shed on it and I commend your paper for the coverage you have given it. I hope you keep at it until all the questions are answered.

John McCarthy