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Christians must stand up, do what's right

I'm writing this in response to a letter (July 15) about gay marriages.

I am a student of religion history. I've been doing this for over 40 years.

I understand the situation the gay community is going through. And that one partner may not share in the benefits that other married people do under the civil law. But I'm not writing or addressing the civil law concerning the gay community. I'm writing about the Christian church concerning gay marriages.

I understand throughout the Christian communities they are divided over this. There are ministers who support the gay marriages and openly speak about it.

I understand that these ministers say they cannot find it anywhere in the New Testament. Well this may be true, but they know that Jesus probably would not have addressed it anyway, for the people he was preaching to were all Jews, and were under the law of Moses, so it did not need to be addressed to them.

We Christians have a Bible in two parts, the Old Testament which is Jewish, and the New Testament which is also Jewish.

I also read in the paper that our governor had read the New Testament and could not find anything about gay marriages. Like so many Christians, they pick and choose what they want to read. They also forget that the Old Testament is still in force.

In the New International Version of Leviticus Chapter 18, God told Moses to put to pen the unlawful sexual relations. It says, "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." This scripture also applies to females.

This law has never been put aside, either by the Jews or the Christian church. So those ministers should know this and if they do not, then they are in error, for they should have known that even Jesus was under Mosaic law.

We Christians should challenge our ministers on what they teach. Some are not teaching the Christian principles and only teach what suits them and appeases their congregations.

So I say to the Christian community that they should stand up and do what is right. Put those ministers aside and the ministers who do not openly speak against other ministers who support such referendums that would affect our church.

This is a crucial time for our church. If you sit on the sidelines, your own beliefs come into question.

Dennis W. St. George