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Choose to be a servant of creation

The Bemidji Sculpture Walk installation is done and 19 new sculptures grace our little town in the north woods. We still need to design the brochure, mount the name plaques and visit a few more sponsors for funding.

Only our little sculpture walk committee knows the blood, sweat, tears and treasure it takes to rotate sculptures yearly. Already the vandalism has begun, and this is what I wish to address today.

I understand that creation and destruction are both representatives of energy, though polar opposites. When I was a little boy I knew the thrill of breaking windows with rocks, while I also felt a thrill from making objects from materials I found. The difference I found is that destruction’s energy is in the moment, but the thrill is fleeting and needs to be fed by further destruction. Whereas creation’s energy is ongoing and flowing through conception and process and beyond the product as we share our creations with others. Creation is sustaining.

My choice was should I be a master of destruction or servant of creation. I chose creation and to those who have damaged our sculptures — please join me, and I’ll share a world you may never have imagined.

Al Belleveau

Bemidji Sculpture Walk