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Chemotherapy not always cancer treatment answer

My heart goes out to Daniel Hauser and his family of Sleepy Eye, Minn. What con-cerns me most is that Daniel's rights have been violated. Where in our Constitution is a judge given jurisdiction and the authority to interfere with choices made by an individual and the woman who gave him birth? Daniel and his family have broken no laws by choos-ing alternative cancer treatment, but simply were executing their right to make choices regarding health care. With all due respect to people who feel that chemotherapy has helped to cure their loved ones of cancer, I must say that it wasn't cancer that killed my mother-in-law, but chemotherapy!

I pray that Daniel can be totally healed in spite of chemotherapy. However, if he should not make it, then woe to the judge and anyone who has forced him to take a treatment that he does not want. Chemotherapy kills the good cells as well as the bad cells and totally destroys your immune system; whereas "Metabolic Therapy" which is administered in Mexico, Canada and some European countries, builds up the body's immune system which is designed by God to fight off cancer cells, etc.

When Dr. Harold W. Manner found a cure for cancer in the 1960s, he was forced to practice the treatment in Mexico because of the excessive government control in the United States of America. The FDA may have some valid responsibilities regarding the development of new drugs and medications; however, much of their efforts are influenced by greed and politics in favor of the pharmaceutical companies! I wonder if the judge is getting a financial kickback from the FDA and/or the AMA. Are they contributing to his re-election fund or his political party?

Rev. Dave Fogderud

Beloit, Wis.