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Carlson will fight for needs of students

As a college student, I have often been turned off at politics as usual from our elected leaders. That’s why the work of Sen. John Carlson is refreshing. Two years ago, Sen. Carlson campaigned on limiting tuition increases and listening to student issues, and he has done just that.

Sen. Carlson worked on a number of issues that directly address the needs students across the state. In two years, Sen. Carlson worked to protect students by fighting to cap tuition increases at reasonable levels. John knows that students are often asked to shoulder significant costs, and he wanted to ensure that hard working students at public institutions were given some protection from rising costs.

His efforts on tuition were only one example of Sen. Carlson’s student-focused work. He increased funding for the Minnesota State Grant Program by $20.9 million, protected funding for the Child Care Grant Program and worked to help curb textbook costs through common-sense reforms to current practices.

If his first two years in the State Senate are any indication, the people of this senate district will be well served in going to the polls on Nov. 6 and casting their vote for Sen. John Carlson. I know I will, because I want a senator who will fight for the students and institutions he represents.

Paul Voss