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Carlson went to bat for dental association

I have had the opportunity to work with Sen. John Carlson on behalf of Minnesota’s dental patients. He has been a very strong supporter of initiatives brought forward by the Minnesota Dental Association seeking legislation to reduce barriers to dental care for our state’s most needy.

Often times those in most need are the least able to advocate for themselves. In Sen. Carlson those without a voice have been heard. Specifically, he has been the chief author of legislation that would provide dental care for the aged, blind and disabled. Sen. Carlson has employed a measured approach to fund this care with the acknowledgement that appropriate prevention saves the state of Minnesota undue expenses in emergency care and directly results in better oral health.

Additionally, Sen. Carlson has been the chief author of legislation that received strong bipartisan support and was signed into law this spring that allows for a temporary dental license for dental professionals from other states that donate their skills to provide care at no cost to patients at events such as Minnesota’s Mission of Mercy.

Sen. Carlson has always been receptive to gaining understanding of dental issues and seeks common sense resolutions to difficult problems. He has earned my respect and thanks on behalf of dental patients across the state.