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Carlson’s help in land talks appreciated

For the past 30 plus years, our neighbors have had ongoing negotiations with a state agency regarding the usage and ownership of a strip of land. During this time period, a settlement had been agreed upon but for various reasons never came to closure.

With this issue reaching a point where final action would be taken in the near future, the neighbors joined forces in an effort to reach a result that would be acceptable.

Sen. John Carlson was contacted and upon his review of the documentation that had been collected over the 30 years, he offered to get involved and help us get a reasonable resolution. Using his excellent reasoning and communication skills, Sen. Carlson encouraged the state agency to re-evaluate previous decisions which they have done.

We do not have our issue resolved at this time, but due to Sen. Carlson’s involvement, our latest meeting with the state agency was very positive. Our neighbors and I feel that without Sen. Carlson’s involvement, the final decision on the use of the land in question would not be the results we have worked for.

It is clear that Sen. Carlson is well qualified to continue as our state senator and certainly deserves to be re-elected.