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Carlson’s discernment is commendable

John Carlson has demonstrated compassion, discernment, accountability and leadership during his time in the Minnesota State Senate.

Our dental clinic provides care for persons on Minnesota Public Programs in Cass, Crow Wing, Itasca and other surrounding counties. A number of these patients reside in group homes, and have many complex developmental, physical, and medical needs. Within weeks of his election Sen. Carlson met with me to develop legislation to help meet the needs of this population. I found it incredible that a freshman senator would step forward and author a bill to provide the necessary care for these needy individuals. John authored the legislation, scheduled a hearing before the committee, and arranged for me to testify for Minnesota’s most needy who are not able to speak for themselves.

Sen. Carlson stepped forward to author legislation for the Minnesota Mission of Mercy that was held in Mankato in August 2012. Many needy persons were provided dental care at no cost. As a result of John’s commitment, this event will be held in Bemidji in 2013. This program will provide free dental care for up to 2,000 persons. John is truly a compassionate individual who is a strong voice for the underserved.

Sen. Carlson is a discerning individual, and has demonstrated time and again that decisions have consequences, and that as a person responsible to the people of his district he assures that our tax dollars are well spent, assuring that important and essential needs of our rural communities are met.

As a leader John holds others accountable. It is amazing that as a freshman senator he has the respect of the senate leadership from both parties. He can articulate his position well, taking into account all sides of an issue before making a decision.

John Carlson is sincere, compassionate, discerning and accountable. He has demonstrated the leadership necessary to provide a voice that assures issues of concern to rural Minnesotans are not only heard, but that action is taken.

Sen. John Carlson is honest, articulate, and working for what is necessary and right.

Dr. Dan Rose