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Candidate denounces ads from outside

As state representative for District 4A, I am extremely disappointed by the rash of campaign ads and mail that are funded by independent expenditures like political parties and Super PACs. As prescribed by campaign laws that I adhere to, these ads and mailings are done unbeknownst to either candidate.

I have publicly and privately spoken against distorted campaign literature and pictures that are used against me or my opponent. Although I cannot control this type of campaigning, I want to be on record that I do not condone this approach to political campaigning. I have always been a straight shooter, and that is how I run my campaign.

Negative campaigning that distorts the facts is not the way we do things in northern Minnesota. Using distorted pictures and distorted facts does fit into our value system. Voters in my district deserve an honest discussion of the issues that impact them so they can draw clear conclusions about where the candidates stand on these issues. In northern Minnesota, Minnesota Nice does not include people from outside our area stuffing voters’ mail and newspaper boxes with distorted nonsense. Thank you for your continued support.

John Persell