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Boy hospitalized after swallowing laundry detergent

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FARGO — A 1-year-old Hitterdal, Minn., boy was being treated at Sanford Health in Fargo after swallowing a laundry detergent pod.

Alexander Rohde was in the hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

His mother, Michelle Klienschmidt, said after eating just part of the packet, her son quickly began suffering from nausea and diarrhea and had difficulty breathing.

She said the boy was transported to Sanford, where his symptoms worsened and a tube was inserted to help him breathe.

In May 2012, the American Association of Poison Control Centers first alerted the public about children 5 and younger becoming ill after exposure to single-load laundry packets sold by a variety of manufacturers.

Tide Pods were originally packaged in colorful packets that came in clear tubs that critics said looked like candy jars. The pods are now packaged in opaque containers.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers said in July that new packaging alone won’t protect young children from such products.

“It’s also important for parents and caregivers always to keep laundry detergents locked up high and out of the reach of children,” the AAPCC statement said.