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Book message is Jesus is the gospel Himself

I am responding to Ms. Miron's article on my recently published book. It was a nice article, but she quoted me as saying that the resurrection and other tenets of the faith cannot be proven, and that all we can do is keep reading. She makes that statement without any elaboration on what was being said. She also argues that that statement is one of my main points.

I devoted over 40 years of research to write this book: "A Spiritual Memoir (Reflections on Mark)." We talked for 20 minutes. I gave her a copy of the book which she read the last five pages of 299 pages and made a conclusion as to what my main point was.

If you are looking for the main point of the book it is this: The gospel of Jesus Christ is not only a message, but it is that Jesus Himself is the gospel. It is His unconditional love for us which frees us to live full and complete lives. It is something which we are not able to earn, but it is a gift from God.

Yes, there are many things in the Bible which cannot be proven but are positions which we must take on faith. We cannot prove there is a god/God. Philosophers and theologians have tried for 2,500 years and cannot come to an agreement. Also, it cannot be proven that there is not a god/God.

What we can know is God loves us completely and unconditionally. The rest of our inquiries are simply insignificant in relation to that wonderful message.

I challenge anybody to read the 299 pages and come up without another main point.

Gerald C. "Jeb" Monge