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Blackening Gaea symbol of destroying gift of life

The blackening of the artistic beaver figure, Gaea, is symbolic of an unfortunate, destructive attitude toward the gift of life. My life is a gift, the result of a healthy, natural sexual pleasure shared by my loving parents.

Life is a mystery, a gift to be graciously accepted, celebrated, cared for, shared and enjoyed. Since my life is gifted by a gracious Creator, my aim is to use this gift with appropriate loving care for other people and for all other gifted creatures who share this planet.

Too often and too much we have defaced and recklessly blackened life-giving nature (Mother Nature) with a twisted and destructive notion that the mysterious powers of creation and pro-creation are to be feared rather than celebrated.

Too often and too much we abuse nature's life-giving, life-sustaining gifts for our temporary self-gratification. "Abuse is use without grace."

If only we could accept life as a sacred, holy gift, perhaps we could truly, in our life and worship, celebrate joyfully with praise and thanksgiving.

Rev. Vernon A. Nelson